Value Alignment and Brain Performance…. Does It Matter?

Alignment is everything. Not just in terms of architecture, planning or life, but also to ensure that our brain functions at its best. Imagine if the pieces of a dam that hold back water tend to get misaligned. Wouldn’t it result in a catastrophe? Similarly, if your values aren’t aligned in a structured way, it could hamper your brain’s performance and your future.

• Feeling a little burnt out of late?
• Does it feel like the joy is getting sucked out of everything you’re doing?
• Do you think you’re not progressing in life?
• Does it seem like you’re spinning your wheels but aren’t going anywhere?

If your answer is yes to any or all of these questions, you probably have an alignment issue. Many brain based coaching experts remind us that our actions and values need to be aligned for success.

Why Neuro Coaching Focuses on Alignment
Let’s see a small example. Imagine you have a heavy stone, two ropes are attached to it in opposite directions and you want to move the stone. One rope represents your values and the other your actions. If both the ropes are pulled in opposite directions, you won’t be able to move the stone. Instead, if both the ropes are moved in the same direction, the stone will easily move.A number of people ask this question to a leadership coach in India – “What in my life needs aligning?”

The answer is simple – Your actions and your values.actions and values brought together

The Connection between Alignment and Brain Performance

In order to stay energized, make an impact and feel fulfilled, we need an alignment between our values and actions. Only then our brain will be relaxed and sharp to achieve extraordinary results. Your core values tend to define who you are and your purpose. In fact, they pull and guide you towards the direction in which your life will go. They also influence your actions and behaviors. For example, honesty is an important value for you. However, your friend asks you to lie for them. This forces you to act out of alignment from your core values and puts a lot of strain on your brain. It makes it difficult for the brain to perform at its optimum level. Plus, it makes you feel uncomfortable and can lead to draining of your energy too.Why do we feel burnt out?

Let’s say you’re in a job that makes you do things that don’t align with your values. Or you’re married to someone who doesn’t share the same value system as yours. When you constantly do things that are against your values, you push against the resistance. This can eventually lead to a difficult uphill battle. Not to mention, it puts so much pressure on your brain that its performance rapidly decreases. And thus, it leaves you feeling unfulfilled, tired and often burnt out. How to live a fruitful life

What Can You Do?

• To begin with, define your values with the help of a leadership coach in India.
• Next, understand brain based coaching and work towards auditing your actions. Think of all the actions that are draining you out because they aren’t in alignment with your values.
• Lastly, act now to make a change. Every moment of delay takes away happiness, energy and willpower from your life.

The Scientific Reason
Neuro coaching stresses on aligning values with your actions because it is directly connected to your brain. When you are able to take an action that is in line with your defined goals, the brain releases dopamine. This helps in stimulating the reward center of your brain which makes you feel accomplished. Plus, it also makes your brain sustain the change for a longer duration.

Brain based coaching urges you to get into the driver’s seat and steer your life in the direction of success and fulfillment.

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