A coach is like your neighborhood friend.

When in trouble, you need not manage it all alone.
A brain coach is definitely in a better position to help!

Best Techniques Of Self Empowerment

Get great self empowerment tips from expertise which help you with self motivation.

What is Discovery Session?

Why everyone needs a discovery session

What is emotional agility?

Do your emotions get the better of you? Emotional agility teaches you how to navigate through different emotions and reach your goal.

What is prosperity mind coaching?

Here’s how you can shun all the negativity that comes your way every day and stay positive in the process of achieving your goals.

What is elite transition coaching?

In the course of achieving our dream we often have to leave our comfort zone and enter a state of nervousness and anxiety. But you can change this and make the transition in a more confident manner.

Here’s how

How to deal with your life transition or changes?

Change in career, demise of a loved one, end of a marriage are instances which force us to make a transition in our lives. But how to make it smoothly and successfully, Here’s how

What is the difference between a mentor and a coach?

Learn the difference between a mentor and a coach. Also understand at what stage of life you are at and who can help you better, a mentor or a coach.

Five sense loop technique

A quick video to gain instant focus


The Marshmallow effect

It’s often our self-control that defines the quality and quantity of our success. But what is self-control and how do we improve it. Here’s a video that show you in less than 2 mins, what self-control is and how you can enhance it.